Understand How Promotable You Are With Two Questions

Many people aspire to climb up the ranks and receive a promotion. After all, isn’t that the reason why we work so diligently? Keeping our core values in mind, we make achieving career success a part of our everyday work. Here are a few questions to help decide if you’re promotion-ready:

  • “Are You Giving Your All?”: You must be able to display a willingness to go the distance and do things outside of your current responsibilities to be prepared for the next level. In our office, team members who are offered advancement tend to take on more responsibilities and deliver their all to each effort. They volunteer their time on a usual basis and assist with coaching others.
  • “Are You A Good Fit For The Role?”: Not all positions are meant for anyone to take on. That’s why it is vital to understand what is required for the role you are seeking and to assess how your skills and character fit. Each individual has unique talents and expertise, so other people might be better suited to take on the role, regardless of seniority.

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