Mpire Promotions’
Powerful Connections

It’s not always easy to get nonprofit organizations’ voices heard in crowded and noisy settings.

That’s where we come in and dedicate ourselves to event-based fundraising. Our ability to successfully acquire amazing donors on behalf of nonprofit organizations has made an impact in ways that matter. We’re driven by Mpire Promotion’s guiding principles, which bring integrity, enthusiasm, and professionalism to every connection we make.

Uplifting Causes With
Mpire Promotions’
Core Values

We Bring The Passion

Our team of brand ambassadors is a part of our team because they love what they do and the worthy causes we support. We have the most motivated and talented team that is committed to inspiring communities to become a part of something bigger than themselves and make a difference.

We Encourage Teamwork

When one succeeds, we all succeed at Mpire Promotions. Our bond helps us to move forward together and empower each other to think in new ways that allow exponential growth for nonprofit organizations.

We’re Versed In The Philanthropy

Every nonprofit organization that we support becomes an extension of Mpire Promotions. We take all of the knowledge that’s shared with us and it becomes like our own. We leave no stone unturned as we add our personal touch and share limitless intelligence about the worthy causes we adore.

We Strive For Innovation

At Mpire Promotions, we steer away from convention and encourage the embrace of transformation. Inventive thinking is promoted to produce fresh and unprecedented solutions that elevate worthy causes.

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